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General copyright information:

The content of this site was written beginning in 1982.  Sansifer's Universe and Convergent Universe were completed by 1986 and compiled into Sansifer's Universe which was copyrighted in 1987.  There were only a few copies of that book made for friends. 

The rest of the content of the site was written and copyrighted in the years indicated on the individual web pages.  All writings were copyrighted in the year in which they were written unless specified otherwise. 

This web site is the original place of publication for all of these works except for "Sansifer's Universe" which, as was mentioned, was made into a very limited number of books for friends in 1987. 


Please contact me at the above email address if you are interested in reproducing or publishing any of these works in any format.  Reproduction or publication or use of the content of this site in any way is forbidden without the expressed, written consent of me, the author. 


If you are interested in owning a physical copy of any of these works, please contact me at the above email address. 

Until such time as this work is published and mass produced in a physical form, I will make available physical copies in the forms available to me and consistent with the amount of money you can afford to spend to acquire them.  Due to the expense of printing and binding on a one at a time basis, it is likely that the binding would be the types used in college projects and themes. 

Please be aware that these would be one of a kind productions produced at your direction.  I would sign them  personally to your specification.  As such, they would be collector's items of the highest value. 

Appreciation and Support: 

I am an average "working Joe" living in one of the economically depressed areas of the country.  Is struggle to survive economically.  I have never made a dime from my writing.   

I wrote the best of the content of this site while I was a college student.  Once I graduated from college and became immersed in the "hustle and bustle" of everyday working life, that small and quiet voice which wrote these works became lost in the din.  If I could retreat a bit from the din, I am hopeful that I could find that voice again and write new works from that place in my soul. 

If you think that this work is a worthwhile thing, then please offer your support for its renewal.  Support may be financial (by buying the self-published copies of my works as mentioned above) if it is in your means to do so, or it may be emotional and spiritual in the form of simple words of appreciation and encouragement. I will be grateful for and appreciative of either.



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