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All of the content of this site is copyrighted between 1982 and 2007  by Sansifer (site owner).  I shall endeavor to be more specific about the dates in each section. The most specific copyright information will generally be in the section headings or in the section title pages.

. The writings were mostly written between 1982 and 1990.  

A Different Time, A Different Place
[This free-form poem was written in early 1990.]

As before...
 the end arrives...
         the pain of...
                 separation, dislocation, desperation
 how I long to find...
         a different time, a different place
                 where dreams are lived
                 where love is fulfilled
         a different time, a different place
                 where loneliness is unknown
                 where hatred is unimagined
         a different time, a different place
                 where love never ends in pain
                 where life never ends in despair

         a different time, a different place
                         within our hearts, within our minds
         a different time, a different place
                 lies within...
                         the innocence of a child's smile
                         the freshness of Spring's first day
                         the glisten in a new love's eyes
         a different time, a different place...
                         your eyes, your heart, your mind...
                 and it is with you...
As before

The Future through The Past /
   Tombstone (October 26, 1881)

[This poem was written in 1985.  Because there is no identified
subject, it becomes universal.  It could be from the viewpoint a
tormented soul.  It could be from the viewpoint of someone
who is troubled by the tortured nature of a child's or loved
one's or friend's life.  It could be from God's viewpoint.  It has
only 53 words and 66 syllables.]

Only a shell,
Upon the shore,
   Along the sea,
       Of what could be…
Living in hell,
Outside the door,
   Without the key
       To eternity

On the last day,
All streams return;
   All things adhere,
        To the prime course.
Though they may stray,
The children learn;
   When the end nears,
        They recall the source.