Preface to "Sansifer's Universe"


I began to write poems for use as song lyrics for songs in 1981.  I had the odd idea that I wanted to form a rock band and then to become an international rock star.  This notion quickly passed. 

I began to write poems as poems in 1982.  Gradually, over the next five years, I developed my own style and voice.  I wrote some poems that I thought were very good; I wrote others that I knew were very bad.  Contrary to logic, the good poems required very little work and the bad ones required much effort.  Such are the vagaries of inspiration.  I began to write short stories in 1985.  These short stories shared the same dichotomy between those that were inspired and those that were not.

In 1987, I gathered a group of my poems and short stories into a volume that I called "Sansifer's Universe".  "Sansifer's Universe" is composed of two main parts.  The first part is a group of unrelated poems and short stories that represented my outlook on life at the time.  The second part of "Sansifer's Universe" is "The Convergent Universe".  It is a long, multi-leveled poem that I consider my best work. 


In "Sansifer's Universe", I included some of the good poems and short stories and some of the bad ones.  I knew at the time that there was a good reason to include some of the bad poems, but was unable to explain the reason to my satisfaction.  I wrote only that I was including the bad poems as a "testament to beginnings". 

Now, more than two decades later, I am able to give a better explanation of why in was correct to include the bad poems and short stories. 

It is only through an understanding of the differences between the good (the "inspired") poems and the bad (the uninspired) ones that one can really appreciate the power of inspiration to lift one's work to high levels. 


I felt inspired when I wrote many of the pages you are about to read.  May you feel such inspiration in your life as well.





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